Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I’m Dr. Richard MacKinnon and I’m a Chartered Psychologist.

Specifically, I’m an occupational psychologist, which means that I focus on applying the science of psychology in the workplace.

I specialise in coaching and development, helping people and organisations develop skills and behaviours that serve them well at work.

I’m particularly interested in psychological flexibility and how people organise themselves to be more productive. And of course, workplace wellbeing, a major topic that’s relevant to everyone.

I’m the founder and Managing Director of WorkLifePsych, a business that focuses on providing individuals and organisations with quality coaching, development and training. You can find out all about my qualifications and experience via my LinkedIn profile.

Are you interested in learning more about workplace psychology? Two years ago, I launched a new podcast all about psychology at work. We call it ‘My Pocket Psych’ and you can subscribe via your podcast player of choice, listen in on Spotify or check out the latest episodes here.

This site is to share the inside track on what psychologists actually do in the workplace, share nuggets of wisdom and science, and work at demystifying psychology. If you’d like to know more about what I do, I’ve recently written about a typical day in the life of a workplace psychologist.

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